The Secret to Getting Better Grades


Frustrated by low grades? Don’t settle for just getting by in school. Better grades mean more opportunity and life-long achievement. You don’t have to be a genius to get good grades. You just have to know what to do. This book is full of proven methods that will guarantee classroom success. Don’t just dream about getting A’s. Learn how to get them.

Learn the secrets of straight “A” students. Find out how to raise your grades in a short time and pass exams with ease. “The Secret to Getting Better Grades” can turn you into a top student fast. There is nothing more valuable in our society than a good education. Help your child get the most out the educational experience. Students who get better grades feel better about themselves and enjoy school a lot more. Why settle for C’s?

Any child can get higher grades using our tried and true methods for success. High school should be the happiest years of all. Don’t ruin them with poor grades. There is no need ever to get bad grades again!

Getting good grades is not just book learning but the development of skills that will serve one for life. For some, doing well in school is easy and for others a little work is necessary. We will look at what it takes to get good grades, but before we do that, let’s understand why education is so important.

The purpose of education is to gain knowledge necessary to make better choices. After all, life is all about making choices. Knowledge makes people self-reliant and prepares them to take advantage of opportunities. Knowledge is essential for economic development and freeing oneself from poverty not to mention making one a more responsible human being.


If learning important life skills is not enough for you to want to do better in school, consider these facts:


  • Life expectancy rises by as much as 2 years for every one percent increase in literacy.
  • 82% of prison inmates are high school dropouts (the percentage is higher on death row)
  • Dropouts are more likely to receive some form of welfare.
  • Nationwide average income for high school dropouts is $19,000
  • Nationwide average income for high school graduates is $28,645
  • Nationwide average income for college graduates is $51,544 (those with advance degrees made $78,093.)

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

In general, more education means better jobs, more money and a better life.


What’s Inside


How to manage time effectively


How to deal with difficult teachers


The trick to reading textbooks


How to take great notes


A simple trick to help you focus in class


How to study less and remember more


Music that actually helps you learn


The seven bad habits that sabotage grades


Get an “A” on your next paper


Test tricks will help you get high scores


How to get teachers to raise your grade


How to set and achieve goals


Deal with stress effectively


Plus Tons of Grade Boosting Tips


The Secret to Getting Better Grades

Step by step success in school!

This book is great, organized well and will help anyone serious about succeeding in school. It is simple in it’s approach and the structure is set up to help any student succeed.

Thanks Mr. Mayo.”

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The Secret to Getting Better Grades