The Teenager’s Guide to Getting a Job


What does Bill Gates (CEO Microsoft), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Russell Simmons (Founder of Def Jam Records and Phat Farm Clothing) have in common?  They all had jobs as teenagers.  Some of the worlds most successful people got a head start before they were adults by becoming economically productive at an early age.  Many business owners hire teens because it makes good economic sense.

Getting a job while still a teenager, may very well be one of the most significant events in any young persons life and is an important step between adolescence and adulthood.

Teens that have jobs not only earn an income, but learn some of life’s important lessons at an early age. “The Teenager’s Guide to Getting a Job” will give your teen a head start in the real world.

Independent teens become more independent adults.


What’s Inside


Nearly 30 skills you can sell to an employer

How to write resumes that get jobs

The best jobs for teens

Businesses that teens can start

Which Help-wanted ads to stay away from

Use e-mail to get a job

How to avoid the top five common application mistakes

What to and what not to wear on an interview

Exactly what to say on an interview

Ten things never to do on an interview


   You can get “The Teenagers Guide to Getting a Job” for as little as $5.00!

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           For the price of a couple slices of pizza, you can give a teen a head start in the real world!


The Teenager's Guide to Getting a Job

The Teenager's Guide to Getting a Job

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