Ex offenders, Felons and Job Fairs: Ultimate Success Tips!

Ex offenders, Felons and Job Fairs:  Ultimate Success Tips!


Ex offenders, Felons and Job Fairs:  Ultimate Success Tips!When ex-offenders and felons hear about job fairs their eyes should light up.  Job fairs mean that there are employers who are looking to hire someone.  Of course there will be others there looking for job.  If the job fair has been publicized well there will be a lot of people there looking for jobs so whoever shows up better be ready for some stiff competition.

We will look at some killer strategies that will help ex-offenders and felons blow away the competition at any job fair.

1.  Be sure to have a resume –  Anyone who is looking for a job and doesn’t have a resume is a t serious disadvantage.  A well written resume will speak for Ex offenders, Felons and Job Fairs:  Ultimate Success Tips!you when you are not around.  Your resume should be simple and professional looking (no fancy type, pictures or frills.)  If you do not have a resume you get one as soon as possible.  Before attempting to use it on your job search, have a professional look at it to gauge it potential effectiveness. Make sure it has wide margins.  Interviewers love to make notes.

2.  Get a list of participating employers -  Find out who is organizing or promoting the job fair and get a list of employers.  This will help you do two things.

A.  You can research each individual company.  This will help you answer some questions  that  will come up during an interview such as, “What do you know about our company…?”

B.  It will help you to develop a back up plan in case the job fair does not go as planned.  I read of a job fair primarily for ex-offenders and felonsthat was cancelled.  With a list of employers that would hire felons and ex-offenders, job seekers could still get their resumes into the hands of willing employers who may hire them.

3.  Dress Appropriately – Job fairs and interviews are business Ex offenders, Felons and Job Fairs: Ultimate Success Tips!meetings.  Will you look more like an ex-offender or a businessman?  Its up to you.  Proper clothing will be the difference between being hired and not being hired.  Whatever you have to do, get the right clothing.  Remember, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Take a minute and look at the link below:

Companies hire ex-offenders


4.   Be prepared - Be sure to have a briefcase or at least a portfolio or professional looking folder that will keep your resumes neat and ready to distribute.  Don’t forget a notepad and at least two pens.  You may want to take notes or at least write down interviewers names or other relevant information.

Ex offenders, Felons and Job Fairs:  Ultimate Success Tips!

5.  Arrive Early -   Job fairs tend to get crowded quickly.  Get there as early as possible to decide which employers you would like to interview with first.  If there are business cards available, get as many as possible.  You may not be able to interview with every employer, but having a business card will give you a contact person to send your resume to

6.  Speak to as many employers as possible – Job fairs are excellent opportunities to brush up on your interviewing skills.  No matter how much you practice, there is nothing like interviewing with a live person.  You may have the opportunity to interview with more than one person.  Make mental notes of common interview questions and if you feel you may have blown certain questions, well, that’s called “experience”  which in vary valuable.  If you have to wait in line, pay very close attention to the questions that are being asked of the person in front of you so you will not be caught off guard when it is your turn to interview.

7.  Always ask for a business card – Anytime you speak to anyone on your job search, always ask for a business card.  Job fairs can be very hectic.  I guarantee one minute after you are introduced to someone, you will not remember his/her name.  A business card will not only help you remember a person’s name but you will have all of their contact information.  You will need this information to follow up an interview.

You now have all of my words of wisdom.  Follow them and you will see results from all job fairs you attend!


Ex offenders, Felons and Job Fairs:  Ultimate Success Tips!


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Ex offenders, Felons and Job Fairs:  Ultimate Success Tips!

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Ex offenders, Felons and Job Fairs:  Ultimate Success Tips!

Ex offenders, Felons and Job Fairs:  Ultimate Success Tips!
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