The Federal Bonding Program helps ex-offenders and Felons

The Federal Bonding Program helps ex-offenders and Felons


The Federal Bonding Programs helps ex-offenders and FelonsQ: Good Afternoon,

I’m writing on behalf of my long-time boyfriend. He has a long criminal history going back to the age of 14. When we met in college when he was 20 and he already had a felony conviction under his belt.  By 22 he’d already gotten his second conviction (both were drug related), along with a bunch of misdemeanors. Long story short, he’s now 30 and a college graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice (also very ironic) from a very good four-year university.

He has gotten work in the past at some used car lots.  And actually been hired at large dealerships because he’s well-spoken, well-dressed and highly a motivated salesman but he has trouble getting bonded because of his convictions. What advice could you give a two-time felon with a college degree, who has actually turned his life around?

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The Federal Bonding Program helps ex-offenders and Felons


A: Hello Kelly,

There are government programs that can assist ex-offenders and felons in getting jobs.  One of the most useful is The Federal Bonding Program.  Employers may have concerns that keep them from hiring people with have criminal records, poor work history or recovering alcohol or drug addicts. A great deal employers are reluctant to hire ex-offenders or felons since they feel their criminal histories make them more likely to steal, commit fraud or be dishonest in other ways.

Many felons cannot be bonded. A bond is an insurance policy that protects an employer against money or property loss due to employee dishonesty. Certain criminal convictions make many felons ineligible for bonding by private companies. Felons, including anyone with a record of arrest, conviction or imprisonment, and anyone who has ever been on probation or parole, are considered “high risk” job applicants.

Federal Bonding Program“The Federal Bonding Program” is  program sponsored by the government through the Department of Labor. This program was created to help high-risk, but otherwise qualified, job seekers who have offers of employment.  The Federal Bonding Program offers an insurance policy that protects employers against any possible losses incurred due to actions by high-risk employees. The program is designed to help ex-offenders and felons who are qualified to work but need a second chance.

These bonds are free of charge to both the applicant and the employer and can be issued for any job at any employer in any state. Any full or part-time employee paid wages (with Federal taxes automatically withheld) can be bonded, including persons hired by temporary employment agencies. Unfortunately, self-employed persons cannot be covered by these Fidelity Bonds.

An applicant can be bonded the same day the job offer is made. You can find more information about the program by contacting the addresses below:

Federal Bonding Program, ETA/DOL
1725 De Sales Street, NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036
1 (800) 233-2258

A Basic Look at the Federal Bonding Program


 A look at the Federal Bonding Program and the benefits to both the employee and employer

How to Get a Federal Bond


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The Federal Bonding Program helps ex-offenders and Felons

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The Federal Bonding Program helps ex-offenders and Felons

The Federal Bonding Program helps ex-offenders and Felons

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