Felon with DWI needs Job

Felon with DWI needs Job


Felon with DWI needs JobQ: Ever since I graduated from High school, I always helped people and was always had time to give something back to my community. In 2005, I suffered a stoke while driving my friend home. I had an accident, was arrested and charge for DWI/DUI. Days later, received a letter from DA office that stated, “Being charge for Evading w/vehicle”. I hired an Attorney but was found Guilty by Jury in 2008. Now I can’t even find a job or career. I attempted to go back to school to retrain and get my CDL. Years later, I am unable to find any job driving trucks. Companies don’t even want to hire me because of the DWI and Felony. The worst thing about my case I can’t understand, if PD or DA never had evidence (blood or breathe) to prove DWI. Without any evidence, PD decided to charge me days later with Evading w/vehicle in order to force me to admit guilt for DWI. Found out later during trial, my Attorney had drinks and sexual encounter with Assist DA, who also Felon with DWI needs Jobassisted with jury selection for my trail. At that time, because I was on probation, I was unable to get anyone to hear my plea for help about what I know. I did successfully complete my 2 yrs probation in 1 ½ yr. Still I am unable to find anyone to help me. I did try to report my case to State Bar, but received a letter that stated “Dismissal of Grievance”.
I don’t know what else to do, I can’t talk to the DA to report my case, because that don’t want to hear it and don’t really care. Please trust me when I tell you that I’ve tried. Because I am now a felon, No one wants to hear plea for help. I tried to see what I can do about filing a Pardon by the Governor, a company who is know are expects in doing this, was charging me $10,000 to start my process for Pardon. I did not hear if there is a guarantee or not.  Because I do not have a job, I can’t even afford to save or pay. I am not sure if I can do it alone, but I assure you that I do have letters of recommendations from high officials.

I’m so depressed everyday, when I think that I have landed a job. I am told that I did not pass the background. I can start a career and I can’t even find a job to help me provide for my family.  Need help my positive attitude is dropping fast. To make matters worse, a church where I was volunteering, did a background check on me and others, since than I was never invited to go back and help.

I never did any long term jail or prison time, but I feel because I wanted to fight the charges that were brought against me and lost, I am now known as a Felon for life.


Felon with DWI needs Job


A: Hello,

I always encourage ex-offenders and ex-felons looking for jobs to be realistic on their respective job searches.  You have a DWI and an “Eluding” conviction.  I don’t feel you would be an attractive candidate for any professional driving jobs.  I suggest you strongly consider a different employment objective.  I encourage every felon and ex-offender I meet to go to their local One-stop Career Center for job search assistance.

Each state has a network of centers that offer a variety of free services that can assist you in finding employment. In addition, these centers offer a wide array of service designed to help people get jobs or start new careers. Some services available are:

Career planning and counseling

Workshops (Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, and related topics.)

Computers with internet access and word processing

Daily access to thousands of job listings

Job-related magazines and local newspapers

Job postings and referrals

Printers, fax machines, phones, and copiers for job search use

There are counselors there whose job is to help people get jobs. Many of them have experience that could help ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs.


You can find the nearest location of the One Stop Career Center in your local phone book or on the web at: www.servicelocator.org

Where can a felon find jobs?


If you feel that you did not receive justice, you may seek an appeal of your case.  Often ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs need legal assistance.  I would seek legal assistance to get this done.  Your local legal aid office may be able to offer low-cost or even no-cost assistance.  You can find your local legal aid office in your phone book.

I hope this helps.

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Felon with DWI needs Job

Are you an ex-offender or felon who has a question about finding a job with a criminal record? You could have your question answered right here. Email your question to: BelievePublications@comcast.net.

Felon with DWI needs Job

Felon with DWI needs Job

Felon with DWI needs Job
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