Ex felon wants job in medical field

Can an ex felon get a job in health care?


FelonQ: Hello there,

I am an ex felon who did a prison sentence due to drug related things and I have completely changed my life around.  My love and passion has always been in the nursing field.  I want to start out as a Certified Nurses Assistant or Medical Assistant.  I need to know if I went to school and put my time and money into this field would I be certifiable?  Would they let me get my certificates.  I can’t get an expungement because I did a prison sentence.


A: Hello

Expungement isn’t always an option for every ex-offender and ex felon looking for employment.  As far as a job in the medical field, you should contact the medical board in your state to see if you are eligible for licensing or certification before you make such large investment in time and money.  You maybe able to get the information from the school you plan to attend.  Someone there should be able to give you some idea if ex-offenders and ex felons are eligible.

I hope this helps.


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Felon wants job in medical field

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Ex felon wants job in medical field

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