Jobs for Felons: From Jail to a Job

   Jobs for Felons: From Jail to a JobJobs for Felons: From Jail to a JobJobs for Felons: From Jail to a JobJobs for Felons: From Jail to a JobJobs for Felons: From Jail to a JobJobs for Felons: From Jail to a JobJobs for Felons: From Jail to a JobJobs for Felons: From Jail to a Job

Jobs for Felons: From Jail to a JobI'm so glad you decided to stop by my page. I have been teaching ex-offenders and felons how to get jobs for many years. Through my seminars and formal classes, I have been able to help a lot of people discover exactly what it takes to get a job with a criminal record.

One day at the end of one of my classes, a student came to me and expressed how much he had learned and how his despair had turned to confidence. He thought that because he was a felon, he had no chance at getting a job. After taking my class, he could not wait to get to work putting what he had learned to good use. He suggested that I put the lessons from my classes into writing. Bear in mind, I am not a writer by trade, but he was absolutely right. By making this knowledge widely available, I can help many more people who felt hopeless, get jobs. Thanks Roosevelt!

I am extremely proud of this book. It contains the very best of the "street-tested" tips, tools, and techniques that I have used to teach thousands of ex-offenders and felons how to get jobs.

If you have a criminal record, work with ex-offenders and felons or you want to help someone you care about, you will love this book



Studies have proven that felons with full time jobs are far less likely to go back to prison.

This book is a "must-have" for all ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs!

If you know someone who has been to prison or will be released soon, "From Jail to a Job" will give them the edge they need.


 What's Inside

85 pages of job grabbing information!

How to clean up your criminal record

How to use e-mail to get a job

Where to find hidden jobs that others won't

How to get powerful and influential people to help you get a job 

How to avoid the top five common application mistakes that will land your application in the trash

Discover why the newspaper is one of the worst places to find jobs

Why you should never use "Will discuss at interview" on applications

Discover no fewer than 20 valuable skills that you already have, that employers love

How to write a resume

Government programs that help convicted felons get jobs

Get the best answers to the toughest interview question you will ever get

How to interview like a pro

Learn the ten things never to do on an interview


Plus many more powerful tips you won't find anywhere else!

Everything you need to know

to get a job with a criminal record is in

this book!

Don't be fooled by amateur imitations!

Eric Mayo has personally helped

thousands of felons across the country get jobs

Very Informative!  There is some basic information, and some that you can only get from a professional like Eric Mayo. It's not a long read, but it gets to the point. Anyone who needs advice in finding a job should buy this. Also check Eric Mayo out on Facebook, he gives extra information.

Published Review by customer Mary B.

Being an instructor in the Texas Prison System, this book is truly informative and well written. Every former offender and their families ought to own this book and use this book to assist in the job search. As an instructor I use this material to get my guys ready to rejoin the "free world". Eric reminds the offenders that the rules of the game have changed for them, now that they have been convicted. His advice is poignant and easy to follow.

Published Review by customer  J. L. Farquhar


Jobs for Felons: From Jail to a Job

Get a copy of "From Jail to a Job" for as little as $5.00 Plus bonus gifts!


Jobs for Felons: From Jail to a Job

Jobs for Felons: From Jail to a Job

Everything you need to get a job with a criminal record is right here.

You can have the soft-cover edition of this book, signed by the author, sent to an inmate.

I think this is a great book.  I really like the job questions and answers in your book. The answers to the questions is simply, easy to remember and can be applied to most occupations.  I am going to do another resume and utilize some of the empowering words from your book.   Thank You.

- Madeline M.

I just completed reading the 85 page "Jail to Job." THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING BOOK.
I am near 65 years of age and have spent my $5 to aid a male friend who is an ex-offender (Drug User).
I have attended many Career Development sessions, developed several resumes and interviewed many times to recognize how splendid this book is!!!!
Thank you and I am certain my friend will prosper as an ex-offender if he applies the principles documented in these printed pages!!!!!
Bart J.


I have read through from Jail to a Job, and find it very well written and with fabulous information, thanks!  Even for the non-felons, this is an excellent reference material and excellent advice for job searches, very useful.  I'm looking forward to reading the better grades and teenage job books I'm sure that they will be just as good.

Annette B.

Calgary, Alberta Canada

"I find your information to be outstanding. I ordered the book for my son... I have been trying to help him, but this book gives such plan and simple directions. In fact, the info you give can be used by anyone looking for work. I love the schedule of job hunting from 8-5. that is brilliant!  I believe that your book will place him on the right track for employment. The resume info is great and so are the writing down his attributes. Thanks a million. This book is well worth its cost. I will let you know the outcome."

Laura C.

"I just received my ebook and am very impressed with all of the great tips and strategies you have provided for the job hunting process. I am quite sure that my son will benefit a lot from your book as he starts on his new path, again , 
Thank You,

- Debbi S.

"My mom sent me a copy of your book. I know a lot more now about preparing for a job.  I thank you for writing a very informative book."

Tracy G.
California State Prison


"Mr. Mayo, I just received "From Jail to a Job." It is incredibly informative. I've already contacted some of the resources you listed. I feel a lot more optimistic and confident that I will be able to get a job upon my release.
Thank you"
Rance H., Montana State Prison


Dear Eric,

Thank you so very much for the prompt delivery of your publications! I
 purchased an ebook copy of "From Jail to a Job" for my 22 year old son I received the other two publications, "The Secret to Getting Better Grades" and "The Teenager's Guide to Getting a Job" as bonuses.  It worked out absolutely great as I have an 16 y.o. and an 18 y.o. They now each have valuable information in which to read, understand and if implemented, will truly change their lives! Great information!!!

NT, Frederick, MD

Jobs for Felons: From Jail to a Job


Jobs for Felons: From Jail to a Job
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Jobs for felons: "From Jail to a Job