Female Ex-offender in NC Needs help Finding Jobs

Female Ex-offender in NC Needs help Finding Jobs

Female Ex-offender in NC Needs help Finding JobsHello!
I am a 35 year old female who is also a convicted felon.  My felony is from 2002, however I was placed on probation at that time and was found to have violated it in February 2006, when I was sent to prison until August of 2006.  I am unsure of what to answer when I fill out an application and they ask about the date of my conviction.  I’ve been told various statements; one person stated that their company will look at the 2002 date, while the other person stated that they will look at the 2006 date.  If the question on the application asks if I have been convicted of a felony in the last 7 years, I have been answering no. I’ve also not been getting any job offers either, which brings me to this point.


I see that you do a lot of good works to help individuals with criminal records and I live in North Carolina, which may be out of your general area. But I have been out of work since February of this year due to downsizing and find myself again in the position of dealing with companies sneering at my record. Is there any advice that you have for someone in my position? Or do you perhaps have connections to anyone in North Carolina (Greensboro and High Point are the cities closest to me, I live in Asheboro) whom you can recommend? I saved the list of companies from your website on my computer to use as a reference as well. I’ve been trying to get help from the Goodwill in my area and they told me that they do background checks and do not hire anyone with a criminal record.
I’m at my wits end here and am trying to avoid losing everything due to lack of employment. My unemployment ran out over a month ago and my family is surviving by the skin of our teeth on my husbands disability.

Aside from applying to every job I find online, I’ve networked, had my family assist me, sought the help of my local Joblink Center, ESC and temporary services in my area.

I’m praying that you can help me. Otherwise, I’m stuck.
Thank you for your time,

Female Ex-offender in NC Needs help Finding Jobs

Hello Danica,
For future reference and for the benefit of ex-offenders and felons who have the same question, you were convicted if you were given probation, fined, imprisoned or given a suspended sentence.  In your case the date you were given probation is most likely your conviction date.  To be absolutely sure, contact your probation officer to get the exact date of your conviction date.


I am surprised that you tell me that Goodwill in your area does not hire ex-offenders.  Across the country, Goodwill stores employ ex-offenders and felons. In North Carolina, Goodwill sponsors a program called Goodwill NC Project Reentry.  I’m not sure if the program is offered near you but you can give them a call to find out.  you can find out more about the program here:



Goodwill also operates a program in Greensboro called Jobs on the Outside or J.O.T.O.  This program provides ex-offenders and felons with skills training, job search assistance, job placement assistance and other services.


You can find more information here:
Female Ex-offender in NC Needs help Finding Jobs
You may also try the United Way in your area.  In many parts of the country, the United Way supports many different social organizations including those that assists ex-offenders and felons.  The United Way could also put you touch with other social services that offer many forms of assistance to families that hare having difficult times.  The link below is to the United Way office in your area.


Beyond that, I suggest that you tighten up your resume, wardrobe and interviewing skills and be prepared to apply for each and every job you qualify for.


Best of luck to you.

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Female Ex-offender in NC Needs help Finding Jobs

Female Ex-offender in NC Needs help Finding Jobs

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Female Ex-offender in NC Needs help Finding Jobs