Ex-offender wants a decent job

Ex-offender wants a decent job


Jobs for ex-offenders and felonsFirst,
I wanted to say thanks for the list, it’s a great first step.  Second, I was convicted in 1999 for Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and till this day I find it so hard for better jobs and equally frustrating better housing. The system is set up for those who made a mistake to fail. On one hand they say once you are out that you should integrate into society and become productive citizens but you are automatically not considered for so many jobs and housing. I believe because we have this scarlet letter on our chest that the system is designed for us to continue the life of crime in order to provide for our families.  I make no excuses, I fµ©ked up, but they say America is the land of opportunity and home of second chances.
I can’t tell you how many times I dread the part of the application where it says “have you been convicted of a crime”. I said all that to say this. My goal is to change the system and fight for change for everyone who feel despair and hopeless. I’m looking for an opportunity so that my job is to help others.
If there is anyway you could guide me in the direction to make this a reality, it would mean so much to me and my family.
Thank you for your time,

Ex-offender wants a decent job


Hello Rocky,

I’m sorry you are having so much trouble finding work.   Not to minimize how you feel about your conviction.  There are felons with a lot worse convictions than you have who go to jobs everyday.  It’s all in the way you approach your job search.

No matter how you feel, you do not have a brand on your face letting the world know that you are an ex-offender.  It is merely an asterisk on your past.  I encourage every ex-offender and felon I work with to approach the job search like anyone else looking for a job.  That means, you should apply for every job you feel you are qualified for. When it’s time to talk aboEx-offender wants a decent jobut your conviction, you should briefly address it but concentrate all of the qualities you bring to the table.

When answering the dreaded question on applications, you need five pieces of information.  In reference to criminal records, it is necessary to list all relative information.  Include the name of the conviction, date, location, and the disposition (time served, fine and/or probation.)


Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle    8/12/1999    Houston, TX     Time Served (6 mos.)  (Isolated Incident)

Notice I added the phrase “Isolated Incident.”  This lets the employer know that you are not a professional criminal.  You just made a bad decision in a particular situation.

When you get an interview and this comes up, simply own your mistake.  You may say something like, “I’ve done some really stupid things when I was a young man, but this one really got me into trouble.  To this day, I’m trying to put this behind me.”   Everyone can relate to making bad decisions as young people.

The main thing you have to remember is, finding a job is a numbers game.  The more jobs you apply for, the more interviews you will get.  The more interviews you get, the more opportunities you will have to let someone meet the person and not the conviction.

As far as helping others, I suggest you find some opportunities to volunteer your time.  Try the Salvation Army or mens shelters.  That is how I got started.  It gave me a feel for what was needed and how could learn how to help.

Best of luck to you.


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Ex-offender wants a decent job

Ex-offender wants a decent job

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Ex-offender wants a decent job


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