Job Search Help for a felon in Virginia

Job Search Help for a felon in Virginia


Job Search Help for a felon in VirginiaHello Mr. Mayo,

I hope you can give me some information.  I’m writing you looking for some help for my brother.  He will be coming home soon from doing a sentence of 18 months for possessing marijuana.  He is not a drug dealer.  He was doing a favor for someone he worked with.  That’s what he got for hanging out with some of the wrong people.  He is a very good guy.

When he got into trouble, I thought our mother was going to have some kind of breakdown.  It was very hard on her.  I write to my brother three times a week because we are very close.  He knows he hurt our mother very much and wants to make it up to her.  I have been looking on the internet for information that he could start using as soon as he gets out.  I came across your blog and see that you have a lot of information for people who are trying to help themselves.  Do you know of any employers that hire ex felons in Virginia.  We live in Roanoke .  I have been calling a few places, but I haven’t found any help for him yet.

Can you help?



Job Search Help for a felon in Virginia


Hello Shereena,

It’s great that you want to help your brother.  Often when people find themselves in trouble it just doesn’t affect them, it affects their families also.  One thing that you have tell your brother is that finding a job with a criminal record is going to take a lot of hard work.

You can start to help him by doing some networking.  Networking means contacting everyone you know to find any openings for jobs that your brother can apply for.  Networking is the single most powerful way to find a job.  You will find that employers looking to hire someone would much rather hire someone referred to them than to look through stacks of applications and interviewing.

When he comes home, I strongly suggest that he take a trip to the Roanoke Valley Workforce Center.  The center is part of the Virginia Workforce Connection and it exists to help residents find employment.  He will find a number if services that can help him get hired.  He can get help with a resume, interviewing skills and other job search preparation.  He may even find information on career training.  These centers also have lists of available jobs in your area.  He can also talk to an employment counselor for one-on-one help.  The counselors often work with people with criminal records and may have information on employers that have hired ex felons in the past.

You will find the center here:


Roanoke Valley Workforce Center

1351 Hershberger Road
Suite 205
Roanoke, VA  24012

The Virginia Workforce Connection main website is here:


One other suggestion is Tap Virginia CARES 

TAP Virginia CARES (Community Action Re-entry System) program facilitates the return of people with criminal records to their communities and society. They provide basic needs assessments and support services, including employment counseling, assistance with job leads, transportation, resume and application assistance, peer support groups, civil rights restoration assistance, and referrals to appropriate agencies to people with criminal records and their families.

141 Campbell Ave. SW
TAP Room 147
108 Henry St NW, 3rd Fl.
Roanoke, VA 24016

Web Site:

I hope this information helps your brother.  The best to you and your family.


Are you an ex-offender or felon who has a question about finding a job with a criminal record?  I have been helping ex-offenders and felons get jobs for over ten years and I feel I have an understanding of what works.

I will be updating this blog often. I will answer specific questions relating to getting a job with a criminal record on this blog so feel free to send me your questions.   The right information could help felons get jobs.  You could have your question answered right here. Email your question to:

Job Search Help for a felon in Virginia

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Job Search Help for a felon in Virginia

Job Search Help for a felon in Virginia
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