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Temp agencies could help felons get jobs

by Eric Mayo on January 8, 2014

Temp agencies could help felons get jobs


FelonsQ: Hello,
My name is Josh, I found your website after doing a google search.
I am 23 years old, I have had a felony on my record since I was 18 for possession of marijuana over 50 grams.
I have graduated a technical school in Computer Networking and Security. Everywhere i go i get turned down. Every IT staffing company says it’s against their policy to hire me , as well as even department stores like JC Penny during Christmas time wouldn’t hire me because of it.
I’ve done everything I can to try and find any work. I’ve been to the one stop career center and I’ve met with people in charge of helping people with records find jobs but there simply isn’t that much out there and the stuff that is out there is either too far or I don’t qualify for some other reason.

My license is suspended due to unpaid fines.  I can’t pay my fines unless I get a job.  I am very fortunate my father has taken me in but I am such a burden I want to make something of myself but it seems like the whole world is against me.  Is there anything I can do?


Temp agencies could help felons get jobs


A: Hello Josh,

In these tough economic times, employers are being very selective which makes things a lot more difficult for ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs.  First may I suggest that you go back to the One-stop career Center and apply for financial assistance.  Once you do that, you may become eligible for other types of assistance such as a bus pass and child care assistance.

I often suggest to ex-offenders and felons looking for employment is to apply for temporary employment.  There are clerical or other jobs that would put you in an office environment.  Often companies end up hiring their temporary help.  There is a twist for ex-offenders and felons when it comes to applying for temporary assignments.  They should apply at smaller independent temporary employment agencies. Independent agencies don’t have to deal with restrictions larger agencies may have placed on them by their parent companies as they relate to hiring ex-offenders and felons. They are free to hire anyone they choose. You can find listing in your local telephone directory and apply as you would any other job. Be sure you have an updated resume.  If you don’t have one, you can get help putting one together at the One-stop.


Where can ex-offenders and convicted felons find jobs

I hope this helps

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Are you felon who has a question about finding a jobs with a criminal record? You could have your question answered right here. Email your question to:
If you are really serious about getting a job with a criminal record or helping someone you care about get a job, check out this link: From Jail to a Job


Temp agencies could help felons get jobs

Temp agencies could help felons get jobs

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