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Felons can use temp agencies to get jobs

by Eric Mayo on January 8, 2014

Felons can use temp agencies to get jobs


Felons can use temp agencies to get jobsHello,

I am not sure that there is an easy answer to this question, but if you could provide me with some direction I would appreciate it. I am a transitional client over at ICCS, meaning I am still DOC, but working my way through the halfway house. My crimes were all Identify Theft, but I gathered 11 felony convictions leaving my record scarred pretty bad. All of the sentences are concurrent 4yrs and I have about a years and a half left.

Anyhow, I am a certified systems engineer (Microsoft) and have a very strong background for over 15years. I am not sure what to do with my experience here, because every “normal” position I apply for won’t work with my background. I don’t know where to look for work. I will work anywhere, any hours, any responsibilities. It doesn’t have to be in IT or anything spectacular, I just cant find anything. Do you know any place that can use someone with my background that I can work for while I am here or a staffing agency that might work with me?




Felons can use temp agencies to get jobs


Hello Brian,

That’s quite a situation.  The first thing that comes to mind is to try a temporary staffing agency.  Ex-offenders and felons looking for jobs have to approach temporary employment a little differently that other job seekeFelons can use temp agencies to get jobsrs.  The trick for ex-offenders and felons looking for employment is to apply at smaller independent temporary employment agencies. Often companies end up hiring their temporary help. Independent agencies don’t have to deal with restrictions larger agencies may have placed on them by their parent companies as they relate to hiring ex-offenders and felons. They are free to hire anyone they choose. You can find listing in your local telephone directory and apply as you would any other job.

I also suggest that you apply for jobs using your resume and a well written cover letter. Often when you apply for jobs this way, your record may never come up.

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Felons can use temp agencies to get jobs

Felons can use temp agencies to get jobs

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Felons can use temp agencies to get jobs

Felons can use temp agencies to get jobs

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